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Terms and Conditions


By accessing or using the Miningwatchdog Marketplace website (the "Site"), you agree to be bound by these Terms of Service ("Terms"). These Terms govern your access to and use of the Site, including any content, functionality, and services offered on or through the Site. Whether you're browsing products, making purchases, listing items for sale, or managing your seller/buyer account, each activity on the platform is subject to these Terms. Buyers and sellers must adhere to the terms outlined for activities such as browsing products, making purchases, providing feedback, listing products, managing inventory, processing orders, communicating with buyers, receiving payments, and responding to feedback. If you do not agree with any part of these Terms, you must not use the Site. Your continued use of the Website represents your acceptance of these Terms and any updates or modifications made to them.



To access and utilize Miningwatchdog Marketplace, users must meet the age requirements defined by their respective jurisdictions. The minimum age to participate may vary depending on local laws and regulations. It is the responsibility of users to ensure they are of legal age to engage in business with Miningwatchdog according to the laws governing their region.

Miningwatchdog Marketplace reserves the right to verify the age of users through various means, including but not limited to requesting identification or other relevant documentation. Failure to provide satisfactory proof of age may result in the suspension or termination of access to the platform. By accessing Miningwatchdog Marketplace, users agree that they meet the necessary age requirements as dictated by their jurisdiction and agree to comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Any misrepresentation of age or fraudulent activity related to age verification may lead to legal consequences and account suspension.




By accessing and using Miningwatchdog Marketplace ("the Site/Website"), you agree to adhere to the following guidelines regarding user conduct:

3.1 Prohibited Activities

You are prohibited from engaging in any activity that violates the law, infringes upon the rights of others, or disrupts the normal operation of the platform. You must not:

i. Transmit any viruses, malware, or other malicious code through the site,

ii. Attempt to gain unauthorized access to the site's systems or networks,

iii. Use the site for any illegal purposes, including but not limited to money laundering, fraud, or the facilitation of criminal activities.

iv. Harass, threaten, or intimidate other users or engage in any form of abusive behaviour.

v. Post or transmit any content that is defamatory, obscene, or otherwise offensive.

vi. Use, share or expose other users’ personal information inappropriately.

3.2 Compliance with Terms

You must comply with all terms and conditions and policies outlined in the Miningwatchdog Marketplace Terms of Service. Violation of these terms may result in the termination of your access to the site and potential legal action.

3.3. Reporting Violations

Users are encouraged to report any violations of these conduct guidelines or suspicious activity to the support team promptly.

3.4 Consequences of Violation

Failure to comply with these user conduct guidelines may result in various consequences, including but not limited to:

i. Termination of access to the site.

ii. Suspension or restriction of account privileges.

iii. Legal action, if necessary, depending on the severity of the violation.

Miningwatchdog Marketplace reserves the right to take appropriate action against any user found to be in violation of these conduct guidelines, as determined in its sole discretion.



At Miningwatchdog Marketplace, we prioritize the protection of your privacy and the security of your personal information. By utilizing our services, you agree and allow the collection, use, and processing of your personal information in accordance with the terms outlined in our Privacy Policy.

4.1. Collection of Personal Information

We may collect various types of personal information from you when you interact with our platform, including but not limited to your name, contact details, payment information, and transaction history. This information is collected for the purpose of providing and improving our services, ensuring compliance with legal obligations, and enhancing your user experience.

4.2. Use of Personal Information

Your personal information may be used for purposes such as account management, order processing, communication with you regarding your transactions or inquiries, and compliance with appropriate laws and regulations. We may also use aggregated data gathered from your history of interacting with our website for analytical, audit and statistical purposes.

4.3. Security Measures

We employ industry-standard security measures to safeguard your personal information against unauthorized access, alteration, and disclosure. However, it is important to note that no method of transmission over the internet or electronic storage is completely secure, and we cannot guarantee absolute security of your data, especially in cases where users deliberately disclose, or share their information to others.

4.4. Third-Party Disclosure

We may disclose your personal information to third parties as necessary to fulfil your requests, facilitate transactions, or comply with legal requirements. These third parties are obligated to maintain the confidentiality and security of your information in accordance with relevant laws and industry standards.

4.4. Consent and Opt-Out

By using our services, you consent to the collection and processing of your personal information as described in this clause. You may choose to opt out of certain data collection or processing activities, but please note that this may impact your ability to fully utilize our services.

4.5. Updates to Privacy and Security

We reserve the right to update or modify the privacy and security terms at any time. Any changes will be reflected on our website, and we encourage you to review this policy occasionally to stay informed about how we collect, use, and protect your personal information.

4.6. Contact Us

If you have any questions, concerns, or requests regarding our privacy and security terms or the handling of your personal information, please contact us using the information provided on our website. By continuing to use Miningwatchdog Marketplace, you signify your acceptance of the terms and conditions hereby outlined and any updates or modifications to it


At Miningwatchdog Marketplace, we collect personal information to improve our services and provide a personalized experience. This may include information you provide directly/voluntarily, automatic information collected during your use of the site, and information from third-party sources.

5.1. Voluntarily Provided Information

You may choose to provide us with personal information when you interact with our platform, such as when creating an account, making a purchase, or contacting customer support. This information may include your name, email address, contact details, and payment information.

5.2. Automatically Collected Information

We automatically collect certain information as you navigate and interact with our site. This may include your IP address, device type, browser type, operating system, and other technical data. This information is collected through cookies, web beacons (data files that recognize user activity, such as if and how often a user has visited a website) and other similar tracking technologies to improve the functionality and performance of our services, analyze trends, and administer the site.

5.3. Information from Third-Party Sources

We may obtain information about you from third-party sources, such as social media platforms or payment processors, in accordance with their privacy policies and applicable laws. This information may be used to verify your identity, facilitate transactions, or enhance the security of our platform.

5.4. Data Collection and Storage

The personal information we collect is stored securely according to e-commerce industry standards and best practices. We employ measures to protect your data against unauthorized access, misuse, disclosure or alteration. However, it is important for user to take care of personal data such as passwords. Miningwatchdog will not be responsible for damages caused by user' irresponsible actions in disseminating their personal data to others.

5.5. Consent and Control

By using Miningwatchdog Marketplace, you consent to the collection and processing of your personal information as described in this Information Collection Policy. You may choose to opt out of certain data collection or processing activities, but please note that this may impact your ability to fully use our services.



At Miningwatchdog Marketplace, we are committed to ensuring responsible and transparent use of your personal information. We utilize the information we collect for a number of purposes, including but not limited to:

6.1. Processing Orders

Your personal information is used to facilitate transactions and process orders made through the platform. This includes verifying your identity, processing payments, all the way to delivering products or services.

6.2. Improving Our Services

We analyze the personal information we collect to better understand user preferences, trends, and behaviours. This enables us to enhance the functionality, performance, and user experience of Miningwatchdog Marketplace.

6.4. Providing Personalized Recommendations

Based on the information you provide and your interactions with the platform, we may offer personalized recommendations, content, or advertisements tailored to your interests and preferences.

6.5. Communicating with users

We may use your contact information to communicate with you regarding your account, transactions, inquiries, or other relevant matters. This may include email notifications, newsletters, or promotional offers, provided you have opted in to receive such communications from us.

6.6. Compliance with Legal Obligations

We may process your personal information to comply with applicable laws, regulations, or legal obligations, including but not limited to tax requirements, anti-money laundering laws, and regulatory compliance.

6.7. Data Analysis and Research

Aggregate or anonymized data may be used for analytical and research purposes to understand broader market trends, customer demographics, and user behavior patterns. This helps us improve our services and make informed business decisions.

By providing your personal information and using Miningwatchdog Marketplace, you agree to the use of your information for the purposes outlined in this clause. You may choose to opt out of certain uses of your data or withdraw your consent at any time, depending on legal or contractual restrictions.


At Miningwatchdog Marketplace, we take the privacy and security of your personal information seriously. We may need to share your personal information with third parties for various purposes, ensuring the smooth completion of transactions, provision of services, and compliance with legal requirements. It's important to note that your information is shared only as necessary and in strict accordance with our Privacy Policy, which outlines our commitment to protecting your privacy rights.

7.1. Purpose of sharing

We may share your data for the following purposes:

Transaction Completion- In order to facilitate the purchase and delivery of products or services, we may share relevant personal information with third-party sellers, payment processors, shipping companies, and other service providers involved in the transaction process.

Service Provision- Certain services or features offered on Miningwatchdog Marketplace may require collaboration with third-party providers. In such cases, we may share your personal information with these providers to enable the delivery of the requested services or features.

Legal Compliance may be required by law to disclose personal information in response to valid legal requests, such as court orders, subpoenas, or law enforcement inquiries. Additionally, we may share information to comply with applicable laws, regulations, or governmental requests.

7.2. Scope of Information Sharing

Limited Disclosure- We try to limit the disclosure of your personal information to only what is necessary for the intended purpose. This means that we do not share more information than is required to fulfil our obligations or meet legal requirements.

Confidentiality Obligations- Third Parties with whom we share your personal information with, are contractually obligated to preserve its confidentiality and security. They are prohibited from using your information for any purpose other than the specific task for which it was shared.

We will obtain your explicit consent before sharing your personal information with third parties for marketing purposes or any other purpose not covered by our Privacy Policy, and you have the right to opt out of certain information-sharing practices, such as receiving promotional communications from third parties. You can manage your communication preferences and privacy settings through your account settings or by contacting our support team.

Any changes to our information-sharing practices will be communicated to you through updates to our Privacy Policy or other appropriate channels. We believe in maintaining transparency and keeping you informed about how your personal information is handled.



Safeguarding your personal information is a top priority and that is why we employ robust security measures to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data, using a combination of technological, procedural, and physical safety measures discussed below.

8.1. Encryption

Your personal information is encrypted during transmission and storage using industry-standard encryption protocols. This helps to prevent unauthorized access or interception of your data while it is being transmitted over the internet or stored on our servers.

8.2. Compliance with Industry Standards

We adhere to established industry standards and best practices for data security, including the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Compliance with these standards ensures that our security practices meet standard levels for protecting sensitive information.

8.3. Physical Data Protection

In addition to digital security measures, we implement physical safety measures to protect against unauthorized access to our facilities and infrastructure. Access controls, surveillance systems, and other physical security measures are in place to safeguard servers, data centres, and other crucial hardware. 

Our dedicated security team actively monitors our systems for security threats and vulnerabilities, using advanced security tools and techniques to detect and respond to potential risks. We also conduct continuous assessments and audits to identify areas for improvement and strengthen our defences against emerging threats.

Despite our best efforts, it's important to acknowledge that no method of transmission over the Internet or electronic storage is 100% secure. While we take every precaution to protect your personal information, we cannot guarantee absolute security. Therefore, we encourage you to take appropriate measures to protect your own data, such as using strong, unique passwords and keeping your devices and software up to date. Also, avoid sharing your passwords with other people. By implementing these comprehensive security measures and promoting awareness of data security best practices, we are committed to maintaining the trust and confidence of our users and protecting their personal information from unauthorized access, disclosure, or unwanted changes.



Miningwatchdog takes intellectual property rights seriously and We are committed to protecting the content and materials available on our website.

9.1. Content Ownership

All content and materials on the Miningwatchdog Marketplace website, including but not limited to text, graphics, logos, images, and software, are the property of Miningwatchdog Marketplace or its licensors and are protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws. This includes original content created by Miningwatchdog Marketplace, as well as licensed content obtained from third-party providers.

9.2. Protection under Copyright Law

All content and materials on the Miningwatchdog Marketplace website are protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws. This means that they are legally protected from unauthorized copying, distribution, modification, or use without direct permission of Miningwatchdog Marketplace or the respective copyright owner.

9.3. Restrictions on Use

Users of the Miningwatchdog Marketplace website are granted limited rights to access and use the content and materials for personal, non-commercial purposes. However, any unauthorized use, reproduction, or distribution of the content, in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited and may result in legal action.

9.4. Exceptions and Permissions

Certain content on the Miningwatchdog Marketplace website may be subject to specific terms and conditions or licenses that govern its use. Users are responsible for reviewing and complying with any applicable terms or restrictions associated with individual pieces of content/ information

9.5. Enforcement of Rights

Miningwatchdog Marketplace reserves the right to take proper legal action to enforce its intellectual property rights and protect against infringement. This may involve taking legal action, such as seeking injunctions, claiming damages, or seeking other forms of relief, against individuals or entities found to be infringing on our intellectual property rights. By outlining these principles and protections, we aim to maintain the integrity of our intellectual property assets and ensure that they are used according to applicable laws and regulations. We encourage users to respect intellectual property rights and to contact us if they have any questions or concerns regarding the use of content on the Miningwatchdog Marketplace website.


We fully understand the importance of customer satisfaction and aim to provide a seamless experience for both buyers and sellers. Our Returns and Refunds policy outlines the process and conditions for returning items and receiving refunds, ensuring fairness and transparency in all transactions on our website. We have a refund policy in place to guide buyers on refunds. Our refund policy allows buyers to request a refund within a certain specified period: (X) days of purchase as set by the seller if they are not satisfied with their order.

10.1. Refund Process

Refunds are initiated (X) days after the purchase date, provided the product meets the refund conditions. In cases where a refund or return request is declined by the seller, our support team or legal team will intervene to assist in resolving the matter.

10.2. Refund Conditions

To be eligible for a refund, the product must be returned in its original condition, including the original packaging. Buyers are required to retain the receipt or proof of purchase for reference, to qualify for a refund. Failure to produce proof of purchase and a refund will be null and void.

10.3. Product Eligibility

Most products are eligible for return within the set time by the seller. However, the return timeline may vary for certain products, and buyers are encouraged to review the product listing for specific return information provided by the seller.

Buyers must review our Standard Seller's Refund policy for detailed information on the refund and return process. In cases where an incorrect item is returned or if the buyer has already received a refund but is yet to return the item, quick communication with our support team is recommended to avoid any discrepancies.


11.1 Accuracy and Authenticity

Miningwatchdog Marketplace ("the Site") declares its commitment to providing accurate and authentic descriptive content for all products and services showcased on its website. Sellers are mandated to provide, correct and complete descriptions, inclusive of relevant details regarding features, functionalities, and conditions of the products listed on the Miningwatchdog marketplace.

11.2 Verification Process

To ensure the integrity of the Platform, we carry out verification measures to confirm the accuracy of product descriptions and related content. These measures may encompass manual review, automated checks, and user feedback mechanisms to rectify any identified discrepancies or inaccuracies on time.

11.3 User Contributions

While the Platform is committed to maintaining accurate content, users are required to contribute by giving feedback, reviews, and ratings. Such contributions are expected to be honest and constructive and are used to improve the overall quality of information available on Miningwatchdog Marketplace.

11.4 Transparency and Disclosure

Miningwatchdog Marketplace maintains a disclosure standard about the origin and nature of displayed content. Sponsored content, advertisements, or affiliate links will be conspicuously labelled to ensure transparency and adherence to ethical practices.

11.5 Feedback

Users are encouraged to report any discrepancy in the form of inaccuracy they see in product descriptions or content. Our support team will investigate and address reported issues immediately, the accuracy and reliability of the Platform.



12.1 Platform Integration

Miningwatchdog Marketplace ("The Website") has a payment platform to facilitate secure and efficient transaction processing (Escrow). By engaging with the Platform, users consent to the utilization of such software for the purpose of carrying out monetary/ crypto transactions related to purchases and sales of products.

12.2 Payment Processing

Users agree that our payment processing software may collect and store personal and financial information to facilitate transactions. Miningwatchdog Marketplace platform employs industry-standard encryption and security protocols to safe