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The fairly-used crypto currency mining equipment you will find on this platform have passed through thorough verification to ensure that they're in good working condition, so you get great value for a lesser price.

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The delicate nature of online transactions requires top-notch security. MWD Marketplace makes use of SSL security and secure wire transfer platforms to ensure that all your interactions with our site are encrypted and highly secure.

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Who does not love a place where they have numerous options? Figuring out what miner to use is easy to do because our sellers come with descriptions that ensure you find just what kind of miner you're looking for. No matter the profitability, cryptocurrency hash rate, model or power requirement, our platform has got you covered with miners that meet your requirements.

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The world of crypto mining cannot successfully be navigated alone. We understand this and so we provide a great community where you can exchange mining information, perhaps form a pool or more. Our buyers and sellers have access to community support, where growth is assured.

Easy Way To Earn

Asides from great earnings from crypto mining, your fairly-used crypto mining gadgets can earn you one last dollar as it leaves your hands to another home. This is a great opportunity for crypto miners who worry about what will happen when they want to trade up for newer crypto mining gadgets.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I make an order?

To make an order, you have to be successfully registered. You can register here (direct to register page). Our product listing page (link to product listing page) enables you to view the currently available cryptocurrency mining equipment and make your pick after which you will be able to checkout and make payment for the items in your cart.

How can I track my orders?

Your orders can be tracked via your dashboard.

How can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order by sending a mail cancelling your order to our support prior to shipping. Once shipping has commenced, kindly note that cancellation is no longer acceptable.

Why was my order cancelled?

To find out why your order was cancelled, send a mail to our customer support (link in here to complaint ticket).

Customer Support

Can't find a solution? Contact us (link to opening complaint ticket)

Can I communicate with the seller?

Yes, you can, and we have a messaging platform for negotiation and logistics with your vendor. For the safety of both parties, we moderate messages before ordering. After an order has been made, instant messaging is then enabled for both parties.

About shipping

This information is solely provided by the seller upon purchase.

Customs & clearance

Would you please inform the seller in advance of any issues you may have with customs and clearing in your country?


This will depend on the seller's shipping date and the peculiarities of the particular shipping company used.


Return policies If any item is not as it has been represented in its listing, the buyer can then contact our customer support and make a complaint. After checking to ensure the complaint is a valid claim, we will ensure that the seller returns the purchase price and bears shipping costs from the buyer to the seller.


The seller will determine this, and we will ensure adherence to the terms.


Are my transactions secure? Yes, we employ the highest security to ensure your transactions are encrypted and safe.

Can I negotiate?

Prices are negotiable only if the vendor indicates such.