Miningwatchdog Marketplace strives for excellence and professionalism in offering Crypto products and services. We provide expert services within limits available.

To accomplish the mission, we agree upon these values;    

Policy Statement

It’s Miningwatchdog Marketplace’s Policy to provide excellent and responsible services to the public. Customer feedback helps the team measure whether the platform meets our standards. Feedback also allows us to identify problems and how best to solve them. With high-quality customer service, feedback is needed from these clients. We welcome constructive criticism and praise in equal measure.

The customer policy is to establish uniform standards and procedures on how best to respond to clients. We make sure the responses are timely, and no issues fall through any cracks. Each interaction provides an opportunity to produce a satisfied customer. 

Our policy is NOT intended to cover

Response standards

Where possible, complaints and questions will be resolved in real-time on the same day of arrival. If there are any referrals or follow-ups, the following standards for acknowledgment will apply for the solution to be found.



Response Procedure


Additional comments

Since customers don’t always know where to direct their inquiries, staff members may be called upon to answer queries.